My Story

My name is Lisa Moore and I’m the founder of Blaze of Hope.

In 1999, my son Blaze was born. For the first months of his life, I basked in the glow of new motherhood, watching my son grow into a little person with his own personality. I was happier than I ever thought possible.

The fate that befell Blaze is one that no mother dares imagine for fear it will come true. My sweet son became ill, and at seven months old he was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Blaze fought hard for his life for the next six months, passing away at just 13 months old.

For those last six months, I didn’t leave Blaze’s side. I was able to leave my job to care for him and be with him during the aggressive chemotherapy treatments and multiple surgeries. This was only possible because of my community, family and friends.

When Blaze was diagnosed, my community rallied behind us. Donations were made; fundraisers were had; and collection jars were set up on the counters of convenience stores throughout Sarasota. All of this was organized and executed by loving people in our community to help meet our needs. People just like YOU! People who wanted to help, even complete strangers. The compassion, love, support, and prayers gave me HOPE in my greatest time of need.

During Blaze’s treatments, I was able to stay with him. I was able to be a mom. I was able to sleep in the hospital bed with him nightly, and I was lucky enough to not be forced to miss a single precious moment of time with him. With help from my community, family and friends, my financial responsibilities were met. I am forever grateful for the time that this afforded me with my son. Unfortunately for some parents, this isn’t the case.

While I was at the hospital with Blaze, I witnessed others who were desperately in need of HOPE of their own. Not only were they struggling with the unexplainable sadness and pain of caring for their sick child, they were also struggling to meet their financial responsibilities. They had to chose between their child or their mortgage payment—a choice that no parent should ever have to make. Families were torn apart because of difficult choices like these and the lack of available resources.  

Blaze’s life and death inspired a different kind of blaze in me. It became my dream, passion and lifelong goal to honor my son by helping parents whose children are in the same situation. In mid 2015 I founded Blaze of Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of providing financial assistance to families of children with a life-threatening medical condition while hospitalized, to enrich lives with hope, to build community, and to raise awareness.

A family in need simply completes an application and funds from Blaze of Hope are appropriated to provide financial assistance during the wearisome times of seeing a sick child through his darkest hours.

Thank you for considering a donation to Blaze of Hope. It is our time now to spread Hope like Fire!


You can click on the NEWS AND EVENTS link above to view several newspaper articles and t.v. coverage that describe our journey on how a community came together to bless a family in need (and how shortly thereafter, this little blessing named Addie came into my life). 


The story only gets better.  A true miracle.This is a story like no other. God Bless. 




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